Walbro 485 E85-Safe Fuel Pump with Z32 Installation Kit FREE DELIVERY

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The Walbro 460 LPH pump is the highest flowing intank fuel pump on the market, and is E85 safe to boot. Walbro designed the pump to meet the requirements of modern turbocharged applications where a single 255LPH fuel pump is insufficient. The pump uses a turbine style design which incorporates two composite plastic blades. The turbine design lends itself to extremely quiet operation, especially compared to Walbro's previous "gerator" pump design that had metal gears which were notorious for a very loud whining noise which could easily be heard over even the loudest aftermarket exhaust setups.

This pump can flow anywhere from 0-100psi (the bypass valve is set higher than Walbro's previous fuel pumps, which were around 85psi). Final fuel pressure is determined by your fuel pressure regulator (see our range of Turbosmart and SARD E85 safe regulators). Please note that this is an aftermarket fuel pump, and some modifications may be required to get it to fit. The overal size is very similar to Walbro's previous generation GSS340/GSS341/GSS342, however the base is slightly enlarged as shown in the pictures.

While the stock 300ZX fuel pump is a very strong unit, capable of supporting upwards of 700hp, the Walbro 485 is more compact, ethanol compatible, less expensive, and moves nearly twice as much fuel.

This is my custom Z32 kit and includes

  • Genuine Walbro/Ti Fuel pump
  • Genuine Walbro/Ti Filter sock
  • Genuine Walbro/Ti Harness
  • Submersible (all known fuel types) convoluted tube
  • Stainless steel hose clamps (2j
  • Stainless steel mounting clamp
  • E85 and 98 safe rubber insulating hose

Free delivery in AUS only.


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