Front outer Tie Rod end for Nissan Z32 300zx FREE DELIVERY

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New front outer tie rod end for Nissan Z32 300zx. Includes castle nut, washers, and split pin. Made in Japan.

Tie rods are a crucial part of your steering system. When you turn your steering wheel the motion travels through the steering rack, through the tie rods, and finally through your steering arm or spindle.

These premium tie rods feature several improvements compared to OE, including a one-piece design and a hardened, full metal forged ball-stud. These hardened studs can stand up to much more than the OE, making the tie rod that much more dependable, and the one-piece design reduces the chance of early wear, increasing the durability of the part as a whole. Protecting your tie rod is a neoprene-sealed rubber dust boot. This dust boot is resistant to both extreme temperatures and abrasion. The design for this rubber boot includes a small valve to allow for the flushing of old grease and contaminants.

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