• Matthew’s Silver TT

    Matthew’s Silver TT

    Matthew's car came up from Wollongong on a trailer with a serious overheating problem and suspected blown head-gasket. Fortunately a…

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  • Raj’s Z32 Twin Turbo

    Raj’s Z32 Twin Turbo

    I first saw Raj's TT shortly after he bought it when he had me around to do an oil, filters,…

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  • Aaron’s Red TT

    Aaron’s Red TT

    Aaron's red twin-turbo Z32 was a recent acquisition that came in for a plenum pull and associated preventative maintenance, and…

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  • George’s Silver TT

    George’s Silver TT

    George’s Z32 TT. George’s car underwent major surgery getting a plenum pull and timing belt service done with a few…

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  • Arthur’s Red TT

    Arthur’s Red TT

    Arthur’s car came in as something of a basket case. The plumbing for the boost controller was all over the…

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