Matthew’s Silver TT

Matthew's car came up from Wollongong on a trailer with a serious overheating problem and suspected blown head-gasket. Fortunately a compression check and cylinder head leakage test showed that the engine was still in good condition, and after re-filling and pressure testing the cooling system I found what had to be the worst bastard-hose leak I've ever seen. Most leaks spray water out under pressure; this one just dumped water all over the ground with each press of the pump. There was only one thing to do....


Fortunately the car had been reasonably well maintained by the previous owner, which made tear down fairly straightforward. Matthew took the opportunity to have the EGR, AIV, and PRVR systems deleted, as well as removing the factory boost control solenoids and fitting a GReddy Profec B Spec II boost Controller. I also replaced a number of coolant lines that had previously been changed by another workshop who used fuel hose rather than heater hose. This is not a good idea as the fuel hose goes very brittle in a short space of time.

Matthew wasn't after anything too "loud" in terms of styling and colour scheme, so I went for a clean/OEM look with a black and silver theme.


With the EGR system removed there was plenty of room to mount the new boost control solenoid. This is one of the older Profec units, but still very easy to install and tune.



And here is the engine back together. The intake cam covers have been painted, as has the IACV feed tube. I have also removed the upper fuel rail, and replaced all of the vacuum lines with black silicon. The overall effect is very clean and tidy without attracting any of the "wrong" sort of attention.



And out and about on my favourite Boost Controller tuning circuit 😉 This is a great example of a tastefully updated Z with all the right performance and styling updates. I hope the owner enjoys it for many years to come.


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