George’s Silver TT

George’s Z32 TT. George’s car underwent major surgery getting a plenum pull and timing belt service done with a few upgrades along the way such as GReddy Profec B boost controller, replacement electrical connectors, and a number of deletes and bypasses.

Here is the motor stripped down; at this stage the cam covers have been painted blue, the heater hoses and PCV hoses have been replaced, and new vacuum lines have started to be run for the boost controller.


In the following pic the new timing belt, waterpump, studs, idlers, tensioner and bypass hoses have been installed, and the front of the motor has been dressed up with clear timing covers. The balance tube has been painted to match the other blue highlights in the engine bay, and the vacuum lines for the turbo have been routed via the rear of the engine for a cleaner look. The fuel line is being replaced with Gates ethanol resistant hose.


And finally reassembled including the Ab-Flug front strut brace and Z1 motorsports alloy intake pipes. The radiator inlet and outlet pipes have been replaced to continue the blue theme, and all fasteners have been replaced with stainless steel items. The drive belts have been replaced, as have all fuel injector and coilpack connectors.


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