Arthur’s Red TT

Arthur’s car came in as something of a basket case. The plumbing for the boost controller was all over the place, the heater core had been bypassed in the most inefficient way possible (a giant length of straight hose folded in half), and just about every electrical connector was full of silicon. Oh, and it needed a bath.

The brief was to clean it up and get it running well, while retaining a “stock” look.


First of all the plenum came off for a good tidy up and respray with aluminium metallic paint. The paint gives the effect of freshly cast alloy, and really tidied the plenum up without being too over the top. The heatercore bypass hose was redone with a moulded hose, the fuel filter was changed out, and every gasket on the upper plenum was replaced. The intake cam covers were also resealed prior to replacing the plenum.


The engine was then reassembled with fresh ethanol resistant fuel lines, black silicon vacuum hose, and fresh electrical connectors throughout. The balance tube and fuel rail have been resprayed in matte black, and the intake hoses have been replaced with black silicone in keeping with a stock theme. The plumbing for the boost controller has also been corrected and rerouted via the rear of the motor for a cleaner look.


Keen eyes will have noticed the connector for the radiator fan in the previous pic. I’m not a big fan of e-fans on Z32 twin turbos, and it will be no surprise that despite being equipped with a Japanese twinpass radiator this one suffered from horrendous heat soak. After almost twelve months of ongoing issues the owner finally took my advice and allowed me to fit a standard radiator with OEM fan clutch, fan and shroud. Surprise surprise it hasn’t overheated since.


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