Fuel Injector Servicing

Fuel injector servicing is available for side feed, top feed, and hose-tail feed fuel injectors. A fuel injector service typically involves a 90 minute bath in the ultrasonic cleaner, followed by 60 minutes of sonic flushing. Once the fuel injectors are clean they are ready to go in the flow bench for leak testing, spray pattern evaluation, open flow rate testing and pulsed flow rate testing. Consumables such as O Rings and Pintle Caps can also be supplied and installed at additional cost.

Please see Rates Below

  • Sonic Clean, Flush & Bench Test per Fuel Injector: $25
  • New O Rings and Pintle Caps Supplied & Installed per Fuel Injector: $5
  • Fuel Injectors Assembled in Fuel Rail & Leak Tested: $60

Please email me at sales@rgsperformance.com or contact me via my Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/RGSPerformance/ to book your Fuel Injector Service.