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Fuel Injector Servicing

Fuel injector servicing is available for side feed, top feed, and hose-tail feed fuel injectors. A fuel injector service typically involves a 90 minute bath in the ultrasonic cleaner, followed by 60 minutes of sonic flushing. Once the fuel injectors are clean they are ready to go in the flow bench for leak testing, spray…
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300zx Timing Belt Service

Our 300zx Timing Belt service is a drive in/drive out complete front of motor service that includes. Replacing timing belt Replacing thermostat & resealing housing Replacing all cam shaft seals Replacing tensioner & idler bearings Replacing VTC springs and O-Rings Replacing drive belts Replacing water pump Replacing thermostat bypass hoses and re-sealing pipes to the…
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300zx Pre-Purchase Vehicle Inspection

While the Z32 300zx can be a fantastic car to own and drive, many first time owners are put off by the experience of buying a car with a less than stellar service history, and having to undertake costly repairs in the early stages of ownership. Our pre-purchase vehicle inspection puts the information at your…
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