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Automotive Batteries (A Primer)

Let’s start with some basics…. What is a Battery and How Does it Work? An automotive battery is an electrical storage device and performs a few main tasks including providing sufficient voltage to operate a vehicle's starter motor, ignition, and fuel systems on startup and acting as a voltage stabiliser in the vehicle's electrical system…
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How to fit your RGS Performance Oil Sensor Adapter

Fitting an aftermarket oil pressure or gauge is one of the first things many enthusiasts do to overcome the often unreliable factory sensors. There are many ways to go about this, but adding the sensor in the factory location is the best way to ensure accurate pressure readings. The sensor adapter I sell HERE allows…
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How to fit your RGS Performance Knock Sensor Bypass Harness

Your RGS Performance Knock Sensor Bypass Harness as been assembled and bench tested to provide easy DIY installation. 1. In the engine bay locate your knock sensor connector and unplug the knock sensor from the main engine harness. 2. Access the ECU in the passenger side kick panel. 3. Locate the Knock Sensor Signal wire…
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