Aaron’s Red TT

Aaron's red twin-turbo Z32 was a recent acquisition that came in for a plenum pull and associated preventative maintenance, and of course some bling. Aaron got his hands in from start to finish and learnt a lot in the process; something not every workshop can offer.

In the pic below you can see the plenum and valve covers have been removed ready for paint. The plenum will be getting a black powdercoat finish, and the valve covers will be painted in a "Fire Red" metallic.

aaron pulled down

The injectors were removed for servicing while the plenum was off. They came back nice and clean but unfortunately the rail wasn't reassembled prior to being returned to the owner. I wanted to make sure the injectors were sealing before reassembling the motor, so I made up a simple test rig with an esky and a small compressor. That's Aaron pressurising the rail below.

aaron injector testing

Fortunately they held pressure without issue.

Below you can see the valve covers back on and the fuel rail reinstalled. The old nissan bolts have been replaced with stainless items and red finish washers from our Z-Spec fastener range. The little details will really add up once it is back together.

aaron valve covers on


Here we are testing for boost/vacuum leaks prior to start up. I'm pretty big on "measure twice"; the five or ten minutes spent double checking everything can save a lot of time trying to find problems down the track.

aaron leak testing

And last but not least here we are back together. I'm very pleased with the finished result, I'd have to say it is one of the nicest that I've worked on. The full list of jobs performed on this one can be found below.

Aaron finished


  • Plenum removed and finished with black powdercoat
  • Balance tube and upper fuel rail painted "Black Pearl Metallic"
  • Black powdercoated intake hard pipes installed
  • All associated gaskets IACV/Throttle Body/Upper Plenum replaced
  • Valve covers removed, painted "Fire Red Metallic" and resealed
  • All vacuum lines replaced with red silicon
  • Injectors serviced, reassembled, and pressure tested
  • Mega Z stainless steel throttle return spring covers supplied installed
  • Ganador Super Mirrors in Carbon Fibre Installed
  • Greddy Profec Boost Controller installed
  • Z logo fuel filter and coilpack brackets supplied and installed
  • EGR, AIV, and PRVR deleted
  • Under plenum water hoses removed and bypassed
  • All fuel lines renewed with Gates bioduel compatible hose
  • Chromed fuel pressure regulator and dampener supplied and installed
  • Spark plugs replaced with new OEM platinum-tipped plugs
  • Heater hoses replaced
  • Idle Air Hoses Replaced
  • PCV outlet on exhaust cam cover deleted and hoses re-route

Aaron's car recently made an impressive 269rwkw after a tune from our friends at MRC Dyno and Performance.

aaron dyno

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