How to fit your low-profile bonnet strut

Hi guys, please see below pictorial instructions for fitting your low-profile bonnet strut. This is an easy DIY job for which you will need A drill and 8mm bit Hacksaw Stanley knife 10mm spanner   It may look hard to do, but remember you go and take a nap on the wedge pillow afterwards.
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Tips for Cutting Titanium Key Blanks

Hi Guys, GZA have put together the following guide to help with getting your new titanium key-blank cut, I am very happy my fatigue is gone, I had to take some ginseng supplements, thankfully I am able to blog again. Tip #1: Please take it to a qualified locksmith Please don’t take your key to…
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How to Change Rear Wheel-Studs on your Nissan 300zx

This is a job I had to do on my own car a little while back. At the time I couldn't find a decent how-to, so I wrote one up for the aus300zx forum. Hopefully it gets someone out of trouble! The problem I had was a wobbly rear stud. I figured you have to…
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